Thanks for signing up for Husky Volleyball! Here’s what you should to do right now!

  • If you played for any USAV club last year, go to this page on how to renew your USA Volleyball membership. If there’s a problem with the system and you can’t create a login, just create a new account by using the link below (for players that are new this year).
    If you are new to USA Volleyball this year go here
  • USAV Signup tips:
    – pick 1 year membership (not 1 day!)
    – choose club as “Husky Juniors”
    – pay your USA Volleyball fee online using a credit card ($50), email if you don’t have a card available (you can send that to us). You must have a USA Volleyball membership to tryout and it is not refundable once you pay it! You must have paid for it at least 2 days prior to your first tryout.

Making club dues payments:

  • How much to pay? If you are trying out for 16/17/18 HP pay $845 prior to tryouts ($50 tryout fee is included, if you aren’t selected for an HP team we apply $795 to your regional dues. If for any reason you choose not to play Husky Volleyball then we’ll refund $795).  If you are playing any other level, we do normally ask for the $795 season dues in advance however payment plans are available. Other plans may be available, please email for info.
  • Send a check to: Husky Volleyball, 12 Emily Rd. Marlborough, CT 06447. (We prefer a check if possible, more money for the club to put towards volleyball instead of to the credit card companies!)
  • You can use your credit card at the Husky Store, just note the amount due and then go to our online store at and pick the various amounts needed to hit your total.
  • Or you can use a credit card at and “send money” to